Some Linux Things (Screen and Ngrep)

Here are some additional useful linux tools that I have used this week.

Screen – Allows you to have a constant screen(s).  Useful when remotely connecting to a box. Now you don’t have to wait for a task to finish. SSH in start your task and log out. Reconnect with screen to the existing screen session. I use this when I have to run my website backup script.

See these fantastic sites for more information

NGrep – Its Grep for network interfaces or dump files from tcpdump or wireshark etc.

Small Project today – Take an unused Siemens SE567 Gigaset router and turn it into an additional access point.

So today I noticed an old Telus router that still works prior to me getting Optik TV.

I decided that I am sometimes pushing my current wireless router to the brink when I try and do backups or uploads to the website from my laptop. This also effects the speed if I’m doing this and Amanda is trying to use the internet.

Total time it took aprox. 1hr total.

  1. Reset the router, the Siemens SE567 had a button on the bottom use a pen to push the reset button in while powering up the router(You don’t want it to try and take over an existing wireless connection and causing issues).
  2. Find the default username and password on the router.  In my case I used the link below.
  3. Connect a computer via ethernet cable to the router port 1.
  4. Boot up the computer.
  5. You should now be able to connect to the router usually at the following ip address
  6. Log into the router
  7. Find the area to setup your wireless connection and set it up the way you would like too.
  8. Ensure everything you setup is done. If you need to make changes you will have to start over from scratch.
  9. Reboot the router and double check your settings. Try making a tests connection to your wireless access point that you just setup.
  10. Enter the following into your router (This is only specific to the Siemens SE567)
  11. Select bridge mode (This will prompt your router to reboot). *Warning you will no longer have access to this router interface after selecting this option unless you reset the router. The router will no longer function as a DHCP server
  12. Unplug the computer move the cable from port 1 to port 4 (WAN Port)
  13. You can now plug the Gigaset Router into you network and use it as an access point

BlindType – Touch typing the way it should be

Update: It appears Google Acquired this company in Oct 201. Here is hoping it shows up on android phones soon.

This is revolutionary. I would love to play with a  sample of this.

Blind Type

My plea for people to stop using facebook

Over the years Facebook has grown and they have slowly been gathering information on everyone. Things that used to be private are now public. These are not being communicated to people as it happens. As well it is overly complicated to keep up on the privacy settings as they change frequently.

See this image that shows you what information is now PUBLIC and being sold to 3rd party companies
Click the picture below to view in a larger format.

Check this website to find out how to delete your facebook account