Baby Nate

Baby Nate Christopher Medernach was born today june 20 2009
7 pounds 3 ounces
48 cm
9:50 am
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5 thoughts on “Baby Nate”

  1. Congradulations to all of you, Ryan,Bryce,grandma, grandpa, and especially for Amanda Mom, who had to do the the big stuff, and looks so good.

    Welcome to you Nate Christopher,you are a very cute baby and you have a special place in my haert already.

    See you soon, God Bless.
    Your Great Grandma Rita

  2. Congradulations you guys…welcome to Nate and Hi Bryce.
    Love you all…can’t wait to meet Nate. When you are all settled and ready for company…let us know.

    XXOO A.Terri U.Brent

  3. Congradulations to you all!!! Welcome to the family Nate…can’t wait to meet you. Hi Bryce…or should we say Big Bro??? Can’t wait to see you all…when you guys are settled, let us know, so we can come for a visit.
    Love A.Terri and U.Brent

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